The True Spirit of The BVI

Following Irma & Maria, BVI looks, feels, and is now a very different place. Our 18 BVI entrepreneurs have been forced to quickly reassess their lives & businesses, and choose how to react to these new, challenging times. Fiona one of the newbie on the block was one of the Entrepreneurs affected but this did not dampen her spirit.

Immediately following hurricane Irma, Fiona was to the rescue! Helping friends with small children evacuate homes that were no longer safe & habitable, clearing rubble to try and salvage belongings of others. Staying true to her business, and where her best skills lie – Fiona was also very quickly back in the kitchen. Things looked a little differently. Fiona’s current make-shift kitchen is based in a guest house. Fiona began cooking-up big batches of food to feed the hungry, including those families that had come to find shelter at the guest house. She opened the doors to anyone and everyone. Fiona ensured that all those in her care were safe and fed before/during Hurricane Maria.

As time passed, and the displaced families moved-out of the shelter back to their beaten homes, Fiona took on a new challenge, in a different kitchen. Fiona joined forces with some of the other local chefs to help fulfil the mission of providing every child one free, hot meal per day – this is now where she spends her early mornings during the week.

Throughout all of this, Fiona hasn’t lost sight of her own business. Fiona has woken-up to the need to adapt her idea to fit the current circumstances. She is already actively exploring a new venture, which keeps the integrity of Captain’s Kitchen, and what Fiona wanted to bring to the BVI in the first place. Fiona you are an inspiration to us all.