Cohort 2018 is joining the Branson Centre at an exciting time as we move toward the next phase of our evolution to focus our efforts on entrepreneurs that are ready to scale from small to a medium sized business. They will have access our services and investment opportunities at no cost, through a full scholarship!

We wanted to introduce you to the latest additions to the Branson Centre family and help you get to know them better.

Craig Hammond & Christopher BoxeChilitos Jamexican Restaurant

Chilitos is described as St Andrew’s original ‘Jamexican’ experience as it is the perfect fusion of Jamaican and Mexican flavours.

When former workers Christopher Boxe and Craig Hammond acquired Chilitos Restaurant on Hope Road in April 2015, within two months, their landlord gave them notice to vacate the premises. It turned out to be one of the best things to happen to the business. It forced the new entrepreneurs to work hard at staving off failure even before they had a chance to fully test their prowess. Chilitos eventually relocated further up Hope Road and built an open-floor restaurant with wooden panels and a shipping container structure. It is now one of the “weirdest” but well-patronised restaurants in Kingston, Jamaica, especially sought out by young professionals.


Kerry-Ann JoilesSilver Bowl Restaurant

Silver Bowl Restaurant is the second of four Jamaican themed fast food entity operated by the Joiles family in the parishes of Kingston and St. Catherine. It specializes in authentic Jamaican cuisine for breakfast lunch and dinner. Kerry-Ann continues the legacy of down-home cooking that her mother Barbara Joiles started in 1985 on Spanish Town Road in Kingston. For the past 32 years, they have remained true to using authentic Jamaican ingredients, from farm to table, to create the most scrumptious Jamaican dishes.


Larren PeartBlue Dot Data Intelligence Limited

Blue Dot Data Intelligence enables clients to make calculated, data-driven decisions through the provision of insights on products, services, customers, competitors and markets. Larren’s team leverages state-of-the-art technology in their offerings and deliver quality insights in a fraction of the time normally associated with traditional market research and data mining services.


Racquell BrownIrie Rock

Growing up in the country, Racquell’s grandmother had a small garden filled with herbs and fruit trees with a ROCK in the midst of it all. As a little girl on those misty mornings, she would climb and sit on this rock watching her, totally enchanted by the sweet aromas of these fruit trees lingering in the air as the sun gentle plays on the swell of her back. This is where Racquell’s love of all things natural this is the birth of Irie Rock. Irie Rock’s products include serums, body splashes, a facial care line using as many Jamaican ingredients as possible, such as coconut oil and aloe vera gel.


Glenford McFarlane &  Roderic Lue Shing Carib Tech Solutions Limited

When friends Glenford and Roderic decided to start their business, they knew that it had to be in technology, and so Carib Tech Solutions was born. Caribbean Technology Solutions has an excellent track record in helping companies utilize or improve communications in-house and across branches via several Video/Tele Communications applications, AV solutions for an IT world and digital signage to name a few. Their business also solves the complexity of managing technology with reliable, consistent and scalable service and support packages designed to ensure companies maximize ROI. Carib Tech Solutions is considered as a leader in Jamaica for the design and integration of Integrated Collaborative Environments (ICE).


Conrad MathisonIt’s Pixel Perfect

It’s Pixel Perfect is one of the most youthful and innovative businesses in Jamaica; I.P.P. is a full-service digital agency that creates products and services to grow businesses in this digital age. Since opening its doors in 2011, the business has grown far beyond expectations; Conrad believes that it’s because of the team’s determination and adherence to I.P.P. standards for perfecting even the smallest pixel and transforming it into your masterpiece. Conrad credits a diligent and united team for its success as he believes that each member is integral to placing all the missing pieces intricately into the puzzle to our their client’s dreams of boosting either their personal or business life. I.P.P. makes stunning videos, awesome websites, pixel perfect designs that capture memorable moments.


Alvin & Christopher MurrayA&H Intercrop

A family run business, Alvin and Christopher Murray continue the dream of their parents. A&H Intercrop was incorporated in 1992 and produced coffee and bananas for export; the company had a transformation in 2015 with the supply and construction of greenhouses as well as management and workforce training in agriculture in Jamaica and other Caribbean countries.

We are projecting unprecedented growth for each business and are confident of their willingness to learn, dedication, discipline and enthusiasm to make this a reality!