Adriel McKay

Concept Promotions

Adril McKay-9

Adriel launched Concept Promotions in 2005 as a trade show execution company with an annual flagship ‘back to school’ event that created a one stop shopping experience for parents and teachers, and which was sponsored by one of Jamaica’s top-tier company’s, Grace Kennedy. Through his experiences working closely with the vendors, Adriel was driven by opportunities he saw to add value and grow the business. The company has steadily evolved into what is now a branding company that provides corporate Jamaica with branding solutions, including promotional paraphernalia, corporate gifts, awards and creative design services. Most recently Concept Promotions acquired the franchise for Signarama, the largest sign company in the world spanning 73 countries. Through this growth strategy, Adriel has widened his reach in Jamaica and entered new markets in the Caribbean region. He now provides branding solutions to a wide cross section of industries and has built the confidence in Corporate Jamaica by continually adding value and distinction to his business offerings. As he continues to grow strategically, Adriel has his eye on the future and how his company can help to build the nation and grow the talent needed to sustain operations. This year he will launch, “Young @ Art” –  a programme that will expose inner city youths to visual arts as an extracurricular activity. Ten teachers across five basic schools will be trained in the basics of graphic design and will be provided with computers and software to ensure that the course remains a staple on their school’s curriculum. Participating schools will be rebranded with signs and garbage receptacles carried out by Concept Promotions.