BVI Strong

We’ve been tracking our BVI family and have been sending updates via our social channels. Today, our Country Manager Debbie Bell and all 18 of our Entrepreneurs are confirmed safe. However, Hurricane Maria is now threatening the BVI and the Eastern Caribbean. We will continue to keep our ear to the ground and update you.

Life will not be the same for thousands of people in the BVI including our Branson Centre family.  In a crisis like this, there are many essential phases before life as they know it is back to normal.

Immediately following hurricane Irma, disaster efforts for emergency response was critical to get those needing medical attention; then relief efforts to start the clean-up process and finally the recovery effort to rebuild homes and lives.

Some of our entrepreneurs have lost their homes, their property and means of earning an income. They will have a long road ahead to get back to what was once considered a normal life and we at the Branson Centre Caribbean are committed to support that recovery in the most impactful way possible.

That’s why we are joining our parent company, Virgin Unite, to raise funds for the BVI hurricane recovery efforts.

Our BVI Manager, Debbie Bell, is on the ground conducting a needs assessment that will go a long way in helping us respond in the most appropriate way.

Many of you in our community have expressed an interest in a want to support and so we ask that you donate to our local NCB account- the information and instructions are listed below. If you donate through this account, the Branson Centre can track your support and give you updates on how your contribution is helping to change lives.

 Account Info
Please direct all bank deposits & wire transfers to the following account:

The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – Caribbean Ltd
National Commercial Bank Jamaica Ltd – -Matilda’s Corner Branch
Address 1:    15 Northside Drive, Northside Plaza
Address 2:   Kingston 6
USD Acc #   374368117
JMD Acc#    371114947 (Current Account)
Code –         JNCBJMKX

For international wire transfers please use the following intermediary bank and make reference to the account info above:

US Bank: Citibank
Address: 111 Wall Street, New York, NY,10005, USA
Swift Code- CITIUS33(Citibank)

GBP Bank : Barclays Bank
Address:    St Swithins House, London
Swift Code – BARCGB22(Barclays Bank)

You can also support directly through Virgin Unite’s platform – also linked here Virgin Unite appeal