10 Holiday Gift Ideas from the Caribbean

It’s that time of year when everyone is looking for that perfect gift for a family member or friend. At the Branson Centre we definitely agree with supporting small businesses right throughout the year and especially during the holidays! We know you may be on the lookout for great gift ideas this season which aren’t boring or ordinary. Our pool of entrepreneurs includes a wide variety of creative businesses from Jamaica and the BVI which are chock full of great products and services. These make great gifts for every personality. Here are our top picks for the season from our pool of entrepreneurs:

  1. Environmentally friendly make-up from Your True Shade Cosmetics: Your True Shade offers concealer, lipstick, lip gloss and make-up brushes for that vibrant mom, sister, girlfriend or friend who wants to add that touch of glamour for a holiday party or any other event.



2. Gift packages from Straight From Yard: During the holiday season our family and friends usually visit from abroad. Straight from Yard offers beautifully packaged gift boxes which consist of authentic Jamaican-made craft and food items which make great gifts for persons travelling who need a handy package.



3. Candles, Body Scrubs and Lip Balms from SageRoots: SageRoots in the British Virgin Islands offers skincare products for anyone who would appreciate some pampering this holiday season.



4. Traditional Snack Packs from Reggae Carmella: Another winner for family members visiting from overseas. Reggae Caramella offers old time Jamaican favourites such as grater cake, coconut and peanut drops and gizzadas individually wrapped and packaged in a convenient parcel – perfect for that cousin, aunt or uncle returning overseas after the holidays.



5. Books from Blue Moon Publishing: Books make great gifts for the kids during the holidays! Check out these books from Blue Moon Publishing: Irie Morning, Bolo the Monkey (for children 8 years and under), All Over Again and Dancing in the Rain (for kids 10-14) and Pumpkin Belly for children 7-10.



6. Fascinators and Hats from White Lotus Designs:
If you celebrate Christmas during this season, then you know Christmas isn’t complete without that Christmas Sunday church service. White Lotus offers stunning hats and fascinators perfect to add class to any formal outfit.



7. Swimsuits and Home items from Absolutely Unique VI: If you’re looking for a piece to capture the essence of the British Virgin Islands, look no further than Absolutely Unique VI. They offer swimwear, cushions, hammocks all designed with the islands of the BVI in mind. If you’re from the BVI and feeling patriotic, or you’re looking for a not so traditional keepsake or souvenir item, check out Absolutely Unique VI.



8. Illustrated Clothing and novelty items from ASD: ASD offers hand painted novelty items which give a fashionable flair to everyday items such as mugs/cups, pouches, calendars, beach mats, bags and paintings. ASD also recently launched a line of illustrated clothing. These make great gifts for any member of the family.

Photo 05-12-2016, 9 40 03 PM


9. Printed T-shirt from Patwa Culcha International: Patwa offers t-shirts with witty and catchy Jamaican phrases in bright colours and varying styles for both men and women. These tees definitely make a loud statement and are all around great gifts for local family and friends as
well as those visiting from abroad.



10. Wooden jewellery/household items/wooden bow-ties from Bartley’s All in Wood: Bartley’s All in Wood offers exquisite wooden jewellery pieces which make a stylish accessory to any outfit. They also manufacture and produce high-quality household items such as cutting boards and bowls made from authentic Jamaican wood. For the men, Bartley’s offers a statement wooden bow-tie which is sure to make any man stand out from the crowd.



Check out more ideas for Christmas gifts from other entrepreneurs in our lookbook


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