Start the new year right and revitalize your mentorship strategies with these simple tips.

Mentors play a vital role in supporting our entrepreneurs. They provide important depth and breadth to our programme by sharing their own experiences and lessons-learned and helping to guide our entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journeys.

The benefits are not just one-sided. Mentors get a great sense of satisfaction which comes from passing on knowledge and wisdom to those who are beginning their journey. Here at the Branson Centre Caribbean, it is our goal to facilitate the growth of health mentor-mentee relationships.

Here are a few tips to guide you in your as you embark on building meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with your mentees.

1. Break the ice with new mentess and send an introductory message via email. You can follow up with a call to set up that initial meeting. This is a great way to get a feel of your mentee’s personality which will guide you how you impact your entrepreneurial nuggets of wisdom.

2. Establish your work style. After being paired with your mentee, we suggest that you spend the first two meetings establishing rapport by doing introductions and explaining your work style.

3. Take time to understand your mentee’s vision for the future. You are a guide to help your mentee navigate the sometimes rough entrepreneurial waters. Having a clear understanding of their vision and overall objectives will help you to counsel them more effectively.

4. Keep mentees on their toes. A great way to test if your mentee is engaged or receptive to your tutelage if to periodically give them tasks revolving around their personal and professional development. This will allow you to effectively evaluate achievements against deliverables and goals and in turn offer valuable feedback. Accountability is a crucial to achieving radical growth and contribute to a dynamic economy.

5. Be S-M-A-R-T. When setting short-term deliverables and KPIs to help mentee achieve targets in line with their vision for the future, we suggest making those goals be S-M-A-R-T (Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic – Timely).

6. Share your inspiration. Don’t hesitate to recommend books, videos, forums, networks or tools that can help your mentee achieve his goal. Remember, your mentee is striving to reach your level. What better way to help them on that quest than by sharing what inspired you?

7. Spotlight your assets. Your experience and expertise are your strongest assets, use that to provide support to your mentee in any way you see possible. Share personal stories, provide technical feedback, the opportunities are endless.

8. Open your network. As a successful business owner, you know all too well that no man is an island. You may recognize at some points that you not have all the skill sets that your mentee needs for success but you may know someone who does. So, feel free to share contacts in your circle, organisation or group.

9. Have fun! This is crucial. This is an opportunity to share your knowledge and learn from someone else.

Written by Kadeon Richards-Bailey – Mentorship Manager +

Gizelle Riley – Development and Communications Coordinator

Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – Caribbean


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