Meet our Operations Manager – Keisha Hudson

Keisha Hudson is the behind-the-scenes pillar of operational management here at the Branson Centre. She holds a BSc. in Computing from the University of Technology and an MBA in General Management from the University of the West Indies.


She has over 15 years of experience in the fields of information technology, accounting and operations management. She plays the critical role of keeping the Branson Centre running smoothly by identifying efficient ways of managing internal resources. Here are some things you should know about Keisha:

Her mother is her biggest inspiration. Keisha praises her mom for being a resilient and independent woman. She admires her spiritual nature, her selflessness, and the fact that she still spoils her and little sister rotten.

Her favourite thing about working at the Branson Centre Caribbean is…the fun and friendly environment. She loves that the office is ‘not all suits and ties and serious faces’. Keisha added that the culture is one of vibrancy and mutual respect, stating that ‘as soon as you step in you’re greeted with happy and productive people’.

She’s a prankster. Keisha loves a good laugh and she gets a kick out of creating a bit of mischief. She finds that creating a situation for a harmless prank creates memorable moments that brings people together.

Her friends would describe her as… crazy, fun-loving, kind, and persistent. Keisha has a pretty easy-going personality. Even when she’s in heavy focus-mode, she’s always there to greet the team with a reassuring smile or simple solution to a complex problem.

She has a diverse taste in music. Keisha’s musical leanings are eclectic in nature as evidenced by her top three favourite songs: See You Again by Wiz Khalifa, My God Is Awesome by Charles Jenkins, and Dayo by Harry Belafonte.

She’s a CSI junkie. Keisha loves the show CSI:Miami because it suits her analytical mind. She believes that if she weren’t in operations management, she would be a forensic scientist.

We’re excited to have Keisha as one of the newest additions to the Branson Centre family. Her eye for detail and fun-loving personality is the perfect combination for her role as Operations Manager. This highly detailed methodical thinker and problem solver monitors all internal and administrative processes.

Written by Gizelle Riley, Development and Communications Coordinator – Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean



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