Thanks to KPMG BVI Limited, Branson Centre BVI has supported the growth and development of dynamic entrepreneurs.

KPMG holds steadfast to a people, planet and profit ethos much like ours at the Branson Centre. According to Managing Director, Jacques Roux, “KPMG’s purpose is to inspire confidence and empower change.” The company uses this purpose-driven approach to address multiple social and economic issues. Beyond investing in the development of BVI’s entrepreneurial landscape, KPMG has also played an instrumental role in rebuilding the country since it was hit by devastating hurricanes late last year.

VIDEOKPMG BVI – The road to recovery

During that time, though KPMG was also badly affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, their team feverishly worked with us to support the Branson Centre BVI entrepreneurs. With power and communications down across most of the island, KPMG opened up their offices to our entrepreneurs two mornings a week. This access to electricity and WiFi were critical for the entrepreneurs’ business restoration. KPMG also provided our entrepreneurs with pro-bono guidance and tools in resolving challenges faced post-hurricane.

While setbacks were many during that trying period, with KPMG’s assistance the Branson Centre BVI team was able to see through its third successful programme. Driven to achieve even in the face of adversity, our BVI entrepreneurs surpassed our expectations.

These entrepreneurs have benefited greatly from KPMG’s involvement. Our online training platform, in-person coaching, workshops, events and other services have all been led by KPMG team members. They have also aided us in successfully replicating the hybrid programme that worked well in Jamaica. Undoubtedly, without KPMG we would not have been able to achieve the impact we have had in 2017 with our new entrepreneurs.

Since the start of 2018, our collaboration with KPMG has also sown many successes. In March we collaboratively hosted a financials sessions, exclusively for our BVI entrepreneurs. According to Marva, a participating entrepreneur, “The session was a good way to recap where we are in the management of our businesses and the kind of systems we need to put in place.”. Her sentiments were echoed by many of the entrepreneurs present. KPMG also continues to provide much-needed mentorship and coaching to our entrepreneurs. This has been a rewarding exchange, which has guided several of our entrepreneurs towards the revamping of critical business processes.

The company continues to give wholeheartedly to our BVI programme, while still dedicating much of their resources to battling the country’s post-hurricane obstacles. As a conscious and responsible corporate entity, KPMG is a trailblazer both in the BVI and the wider Caribbean.

KPMG’s consistency, capacity, and passion are vital components of our fruitful partnership. We celebrate the company’s visionary perspective, long-standing support of entrepreneurship and willingness to join forces with us to create shifts in BVI’s entrepreneurial space. Our BVI programme would not be where it is today without the solid foundation of resources provided by KPMG.

For this, we want to extend a hearty ‘Big Up!’ to KPMG. It’s a Jamaican thank you, from all of us at the Branson Centre.

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